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The Nevada Mortgage Lender’s Association (NMLA) is the state trade association representing all aspects of the residential lending environment. We are leading the charge to create a sustainable and vibrant future for all industry participants including individual Loan Originators, Real Estate Professionals, Corporate Organizations and all Affiliates supporting our industry. We partner with industry leaders and stakeholders with different perspectives to develop innovative solutions to critical industry challenges, and enable members to prosper through impactful education, research, information and events. Our industry breaking educational forums puts our members at the fore front of our market, combined with the networking power to affiliate yourself with other leading individuals striving for a successful marketplace.

As of January 1, 2015, the Nevada Mortgage Bankers Association and the Nevada Association of Mortgage Professionals merged to become the Nevada Mortgage Lenders Association (NMLA). The merger was unanimously approved by both boards and will eliminate redundancies and consolidate the best facets of both organizations into a single, more efficient, more effective organization.

Who We Are

NMLA has two boards that oversee the operations of the organization:

Board of Governors

The NMLA Board of Governors oversee all Advocacy activities as well as PAC funding/administration for the Nevada Mortgage Lenders Association; including oversight of the NMLA General Counsel and Lobbyist.  Additionally the NMLA Board of Governors selects and seats the President of the NMLA Board of Directors. The president of the NMLA Board of Directors also maintains a seat on the NMLA Board of Governors.

Our Advocacy priorities are determined by the Advocacy Advisory Council and the seated members of the Board of Governors.  NMLA is the leader on all areas that impact mortgage origination and servicing on State and local issues, which will take priority leading up to and during state legislative sessions. Outside of state legislative sessions, NMLA will focus on progressing national priorities, including but not limited to the federal agendas set forth by the MBA and NAMB.
NMLA has cultivated relationships with local, state, regional, and national representatives and regulators over many years. These relationships give us the ability to have an open dialogue with those that make and enforce the laws and regulations that affect our industry. Our goal is to continue to inform these representatives and regulators about deficiencies within current and proposed laws and regulations, as well as propose our own new laws and regulations, in an ongoing effort to improve the mortgage industry and the clients we serve.  Our priority is to ensure a fair playing field as well as continued and expanded access to affordable mortgage financing options for all Nevadans.

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Board of Directors

The NMLA Board of Directors is responsible for all Non-Advocacy and non-PAC funding and administration of the Association to include the following:

  • Membership
  • Education
  • Events
  • Communication & Technology
  • Consumer Affairs

The President of the NMLA Board of Directors will name Director Vice Presidents to oversee and take responsibility for the above listed areas within the Association. Additionally the NMLA Board of Directors will maintain an Executive Committee of the President, Treasurer and Secretary to run the day to day business of the Association.
Only named Vice Presidents, the Treasurer and the Secretary, are eligible for interview and selection as an incoming President of the Board of Directors by the NMLA Board of Governors. Non-titled Directors of the NMLA Board of Directors are not eligible for the position of the President of the NMLA Board of Directors.

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