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Membership Costs

We need your support! As a professional organization for mortgage lenders in Nevada, funding for our mission is critical.


  • Speak with, or join, the BOG and influence decision-making about our priorities

    • At the National, State, and Local level

  • Strengthen our collective voice!

  • High membership numbers allow us to continue to employ top lobbyists

    • Like Strategies 360 and have our voice matter. 

    • We need your help for these efforts to continue.

  • Be the first to know!

    • Legislative and regulatory updates, often before they are even complete

    • Have a voice!

  • Free, relevant educational events!

    • Networking opportunities!

Past successes (you’re welcome!)

  • Removed 3 hours of Nevada-specific education requirement.  Now, only the QE needs 1 hour!  (SB 498-2017)

  • Removed bi-annual MLD examination requirement in favor of a risk based approach, allowing compliant firms to go longer between exams. (SB 498-2017)

  • Removed the requirement for non-retail lenders (wholesale and correspondent investors) to have a brick-and-mortar location in the state (AB480-2015), and exempts commercial non-retail lenders from state licensing (AB 398-2019), expanding access to capital for NV originators and borrowers.

  • Consolidated “Banker” and “Broker” licenses into a single license called mortgage “company”.  The Broker license had become the senior license over the years, which made it confusing and nonsensical to have two license options. (AB 468-2017)

  • HOA resale package reform – Worked with stakeholders to pass AB 335-2019 making resale packages be good for 90 days and requiring they be provided within 10 days.

  • And much more!

Annual Corporate Membership Dues are based on Loan Production Volume, the greater origination or servicing volume from the prior calendar year. Membership dues cover the costs of our advocacy efforts, operational costs, and educational events for our members. 
  • < 25M   $995                             

  • $26M – 74M   $1,995 

  • $75M – 149M    $2,995 

  • $150M – 250M   $3,995 

  • > $250M   $4,995 

Other Annual Memberships
  • Affiliate Membership   $1,595

  • Commercial Membership   $1,995


*Dues based on greater of origination or servicing volume of prior calendar year*

*Affiliates are non-mortgage origination or servicing companies operating in the mortgage or real-estate-related industries.*

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