Membership Advantages

Our member companies represent the depth and breadth of the industry. We balance the interests of diverse stakeholders spanning all aspects of real estate finance, including commercial, multifamily and residential lending. The strength of our large and diverse membership gives us unique access to those who make industry-impacting decisions. We are the most trusted and credible source of insight and analysis that lead the agenda for economic policy and legislative factors impacting real estate finance and lending laws. We need your vital support to make a substantial impact upon the legislative scene. Without your advocacy, we have no voice! Our full time Lobbyist is working hard for your legislative and regulatory interests to make a embark change in the Nevada Lending environment!

We put our members first; and we’re constantly evolving to better support them. We pull strength from the broad diversity of our membership, and as the Association representing the entire mortgage lending industry, we provide you with leadership, vision and advocacy for mortgage lending in the state of Nevada.

Top Ten Reasons to Join NMLA

  1. Allow NMLA to Represent You and Your Industry
  2. Be First to Know Important Legislative Updates
  3. Best Practice Educational Forums
  4. Industry Networking Opportunities
  5. Strengthen your Professional Image with Clientele
  6. Supporting your Local, State, and National Industry
  7. Allow your Voice to be the Catalyst for Industry Change
  8. Help to Create a Fair and Equitable Lending Environment
  9. Member Only Discounts
  10. Credibility and Notoriety

Become a Member

All memberships are valid for one year from the date of enrollment. Employees of corporate members receive all membership benefits during the membership period. Individual memberships only apply to the individual who enrolled in membership.

Have questions about membership?

Contact Joanne Mucino: (702) 704-5823 or send an email.

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